Behind the camera: Keanu Reeves

Whoa. That’s how we all felt in the RADiUS office when we found out that one of our favorite actors, Keanu Reeves, was making his directing debut. Apparently Esquire felt the same: here the magazine grills Reeves on his first outing behind the camera

From INEQUALITY FOR ALL, a challenge for America


That’s how one reviewer describes the experience of watching Harvey Weinstein’s latest film. Only the movie in question isn’t “Erased,” Weinstein’s pulse-pounding thriller about an ex-CIA agent on the run. Nor is it “Only God Forgives,” in which Ryan Gosling finds himself caught up in a gritty underground world of Thai drug smuggling, prostitution, rape, and murder.

Sundance hit CONCUSSION coming to theaters this fall

CONCUSSION is headed to movie palaces and TV screens near you, as it releases in theaters and On Demand on October 10. But in the meantime, jog your memory with this piece by Scott Foundas of The Village Voice, who raved about the film when…

Mandy Lane finally gets her front page debut

Director Jonathan Levine’s latest movie, “All the Boys Love Mandy Lane” stars the actress Amber Heard as a beautiful but aloof high-school student who gets invited to a weekend getaway with the popular crowd, only to see her classmates murdered one by one. The movie posters, depicting a blood-spattered Ms. Heard, pitch the film as “the kind of party where everyone gets wasted.”

But the story behind the movie’s tortured journey to theaters is even scarier.